Stay Happy this Winter and a Brand New Class!

Stay Happy through the Winter
Has anyone else noticed that it’s cold outside?  If I have the option, I will usually choose to hibernate from November through early March.  To me, a blissful winter means a roaring fire in the stove, something full of cinnamon baking, fuzzy socks, and a pile of good books.  There are a few things that can help everyone stay happy this winter, whether you are the type to huddle up or the type who likes to fly down the mountain at top speed (or somewhere in between).
Vitamin D supplements are a great place to start.  This vitamin is best known for its role in helping the body utilize calcium; thus building stronger bones.  Most of the new research on Vitamin D is focusing on its role in preventing cancer, heart disease and multiple sclerosis.  Years ago however it was put forth as an antidote for Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD).  While it might not be enough for those with clinical depression, it does seem to work for those with a case of the winter blues.  It also boosts immune system function, so you’ll spend less time sniffling and more time doing whatever makes you feel great.
Similarly using an infra-red sauna can keep you feeling toasty warm, ease aches and pains that can be aggravated by cold and damp weather and boost immunity.  They are also used to calm skin irritations like eczema that can flare up in the winter.  Consider all of the detoxification and weight-loss benefits as a bonus!
Lastly, consider investing in some good quality digestive enzymes.  The end of the year is often a time of holiday get-togethers, big dinners out and company showing up at your door, which can mean eating a lot more in the way of sweets and rich fatty foods than usual.  Enzymes can help prevent that ‘food-hangover’ feeling that comes after such indulgences, keeping headaches and bloating to a minimum.
As always, we are here to help, so let us know what we can do to help you be your best this winter!

New Class, Exclusive to Happily Holistic!
All of you who have been saying for years that Holly and I need to write our own class?  We are listening.  The new system is called GEMS, which stands for Goal, Element, Mode, Stack, and is meant for students who have gone through the Touch for Health classes but need help putting all their great tools together in a way that allows them to help people quickly and easily.  This can be a bridging class for those who intend to take more in-depth kinesiology classes such as SIPS or Brain Integration; teaching the skills that you need in order to succeed with these more challenging protocols such as finger moding, stacking, proper use of scan charts and how to actually conduct a session.  We are running an inaugural class Nov.30-Dec.1 to work out any remaining kinks and after that will begin running this class after each series of TFH classes (the REAL level 5!).  If you want to be included in this first class, please send us an email.  We are capping this class at 12 people so we can really take the time to incorporate everyone’s suggestions.

Until next month,