GEMS goes to Denmark and Make us Best of Kelowna!

In case you haven’t seen my pleas and bribes on Facebook, Happily Holistic has been nominated for Best of Kelowna under the ‘Favourite Health Practitioner’ category!  When you log in to vote it will take you through pages of different categories – I believe we are on page three – and you can either vote for one in each category or just ignore sections completely.  I think it would be so great to win this, not just because it would be good press for HH (though don’t get me wrong, that definitely motivates me!) but because it would symbolize some recognition and respect for specialized kinesiology work and how much it can impact people’s lives.
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IASK Conference in Denmark
This newsletter is later than usual because I had the amazing opportunity to go to Denamrk for a conference.  The International Association of Specialized Kinesiology hosted a meeting where they invited delegates from each of the national conferences to attend in the spirit of co-operation and support for our work worldwide.  Representatives from 15 countries attended.  After these committee meetings we attended the conference – long days of presentations and workshops, but so much to learn!  I had the chance to present GEMS to an international audience and it seems, from the feedback I received, that Holly and I have hit on something that is needed in all parts of the world where TFH is taught.
Below: Committee meeting bringing together members of SK boards from all over the world.

Thanks for all of your support and for reading.  Next month we will be announcing something different and special for this year’s Be Your Best celebration, but I’m keeping it under my hat until we have all the details worked out.
Until then!