Happily Domestic – preparing for Winter

The days are still warm and sunny, but Fall is definitely in the air.  Last year, I embarked on a new/old journey – that of food preservation.  Yep; in the same way that knitting is somehow kind of cool now, old arts like canning and drying are making a comeback.  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.
Learning to hold on to the bounty of the Okanagan for the upcoming winter is an interesting domestic chore.  It feels good; this way of providing lovely, nutritious food for the months ahead.  What it really feels like I am doing is banking time, making my life easier in the future by working a little harder now while the harvest is good.  It links me with the generations of women before me who did this (with more speed, skill and good grace I’m sure) and promotes the idea of ‘slow food’.  All this of course, is my way of saying that I am dreadfully behind on anything that has to do with business and websites, but my pantry looks gorgeous!  Taking care of your nutrition is one easy way to reduce overall stress every single day.  Want to see 8 minutes of me talking about how to do this at a presentation for Kelowna Women in Business?  Click here.

How do you get your body ready for the cold months ahead?  One way is to start your Vitamin D supplements now.  I know it’s still sunny, so you don’t feel like you need them yet, but starting now will keep you from becoming deficient and grumpy later.  This is the time of year when I start hearing complaints of dryness from people: dry eyes, sore throat, eczema, etc.  The best way to deal with this?  Eat more good fats.  Most of you have probably heard my ‘fat won’t make you fat’ rant in the past.  These good fats can be foods like olive oil, but also less obvious choices like raw nuts and seeds, avocados, olives, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, eggs, bone broths and dark chocolate.  A supplement like Udo’s Choice Oil or Optimal Omega is a great way to add a burst of omega3 and 6 EFAs to salads, pasta, popcorn or anything else your heart desires.  Good fats will make your skin supple, your hair shine and your brain work at its’ peak while also increasing your absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like, you guessed it, Vitamin D!