What’s your Theme for 2015?

I was asked an interesting question at a meeting of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in November: what’s your theme for 2015?  Now, I knew we were expected to do some affirmations or work goals or something at this meeting and I had come prepared, but this question brought me up short because a theme is different.  I couldn’t answer this question with a standard dollar amount of what I want the office to bring in, or a number of new clients, or even a more touchy-feely affirmation about my clients feeling happy, relaxed and free in our office (and yes, I have this drawn on the vision board in the back room!).  A theme is something over-reaching, all encompassing.  It has to set the tone for everything else that comes underneath it.
My theme for 2015?  Break Free (though ‘Preserve last shreds of Sanity’ was a close contender).  What this means to me is to challenge any assumptions I have about my business and my clients and look for better ways of doing things; to see any places where I have limiting beliefs and change them and thus help others to do that too.  My friend Tami from Green Orchid Massage writes that ‘Ahh Life!’ is her theme for the upcoming year.  What about you?  If you feel inspired, send us an email or post on our Facebook page what your theme for 2015 is going to be – I would love to put them all up on a poster in the office to remind everyone to look at these larger, more organic ways of being your best in the new year, long after the resolutions have crashed and burned.
Need some ideas? Here are a few you might like, or that might help you figure out your path:
I love and take care of myself
Relationships are fun
Pushing limits
Strength and endurance
Joy joy joy
Exploring the world around me
Small steps
Saying yes

All the best, wherever your theme may take you.