Have You Caught the Travel Bug?

January and February seem to mark a time of mass exodus from Canada.  As beautiful as our country is, it’s cold here at this time of year (at least it is usually) and it seems that everyone wants out.  For many though, the joy of traveling is marred by getting sick.  As I just returned home from a glorious three weeks away in Costa Rica I thought that rather than just sharing pictures with you and gloating, I would share some ideas for how to feel great while traveling so you can enjoy every minute of it.
1) Water water everywhere.  Hydration is your best friend.  Staying properly hydrated eases jet-lag, makes you more resilient to the sun (aka less sun burns and peeling) and helps keep things moving properly through your digestive system.  This isn’t always easy when you are in places where where beer is cheaper than water but if you are indulging your need for water goes up, not down.
Dos cervasas por favor?
2) Pack some good bugs with you.  I brought along SISU’s ‘Integris’ which is high potency and shelf stable to help deal with minor tummy troubles.  It’s not a bad idea to start taking a good probiotic before you are traveling so that your guts are in good condition.
3) Electrolytes are great for dealing with dizziness, vertigo and changes of temperature and sun exposure.  You can bring packets of something like EmergenC along with you, or you can make your own in a pinch by taking some fresh citrus juice, diluting with water and adding sea salt.
4) Bring along some homeopathic first aid in the form of Traumeel cream (bumps, bruises, bites, scratches, etc) and Rescue Remedy (stress, jet-lag, fear of flying, hyper-emotional kids).

I hope you have an amazing time wherever you find yourself for the rest of this winter.