We are (some of) the Champions! Best of Kelowna

I know I’m not supposed to say this, but I’m so happy that we won in ‘Best of Kelowna’ this year! This means a lot because it’s a ‘People’s Choice’ award – you had to vote for us for this to happen. I always say that we have the best clients in the world and this is empirical evidence that proves it.  Check the special feature in the Capital News this week where we have a large ad with a discount for new clients and a picture featuring the smiling beauty of Holly and Annie.
Summer is in full swing and our gorgeous office is surrounded by culinary and medicinal herbs. Some of these are in the forest waiting to be wildcrafted: yarrow, wild roses, mullein, oregon grape, red clover and plantain (check out a fun article about wild-crafting here). Some are in the garden: raspberry and strawberry leaves, juniper berries, chamomile, yerba buena, valerian, rosemary, mint, lemon balm and sorrel to name a few. It makes me wonder if anyone is interested in a herbal workshop one sunny day this summer? Nothing formal, just playing with the wonderful plants that grow in the area. Maybe it could even be part of our Be Your Best celebration this year? I hope to see everyone here for it. The event promises to be a celebration of food, nurturing and fun, so mark your calenders for August 22.
There are lots of classes coming up soon – check the schedule on the side
Be amazing!
Alexis Costello

This is my SIPS 2 class that just ran last week. After seven days of intense study our photographer says, ‘Why don’t you do the Can-Can?” and we were so giddy that we did! For pictures form Level One, check our Pinterest account.

Tell Your Story

Everyone has a story – we want to hear yours.
This is not a review of us as practitioners or as a business, this is about you. How did you end up here? How have we helped you? What does this place or your practitioner mean to you? What do you want people to know?
Because we love you and value your time, if you send us your story either by email or by posting it on Facebook, I will give you something handmade or homegrown and lovely. It might be homemade jam, a batch of cookies, bath salts, herbs from the garden or something else entirely.
If you are shy about your story, send it by email and we will leave out your name and any identifying details. I hope to turn these stories into a book that everyone can enjoy when visiting our space, where you can inspire each other the same way you inspire us!
Please send these in before July 30 so I can put them all together before the Be Your Best celebration in August.

Be Your Best 2015!
This year’s celebration of all things Happily Holistic will be held on August 22 from 1-5:00pm.  In the spirit of always trying something new, I thought this year we could try a food swap.  What’s a food swap?  Each person brings something tasty that they have in abundance: carrots from the garden, homemade jam, batches of cookies, whatever; and has the opportunity to trade with everyone else.  The result?  We all go home with a bag of homemade/grown goodies after a day of good company.  We will have some cooking classes and food presentations to go along with this – check the website closer to the date for all the delicious details!