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The page dedicated to our annual celebration of all things Happily Holistic!

Be Your Best1 2015 takes place on Saturday August 22 from 1-5:00

In the spirit of always trying something new, I thought this year we could try a food swap.  What’s a food swap?  Each person brings something tasty that they have in abundance: carrots from the garden, homemade jam, batches of cookies, whatever; and has the opportunity to trade with everyone else.  The result?  We all go home with a bag of homemade/grown goodies after a day of good company.  We will have some cooking classes and food presentations to go along with this – check the website closer to the date for all the delicious details!

Then from 5-7:00pm take a Vitamix cooking class with Tyler Sauve. Learn how to make fabulous food with your Vitamix (or blender) and break out of the smoothie box! Tyler’s class is $50 per person or $75 for two, but he also is offering a $10 discount for anyone who brings a donation to Mama’s for Mamas!
Be Your Best! 2014 takes place on Saturday August 23 from 1-4:00happy-people-in-the-poppy-field-1280x800-wide-wallpapers-net11

This year, we are trying something a little different for our Be Your Best celebration. Every year, we try to create a day that is fun and full of goodies and appreciation for you, our amazing clients and supporters. We have always known that we have the best clients in the world, but over the past four years (4!) we have come to a second conclusion, namely that many of you are also ridiculously talented. These talents take many forms: we see artists, writers and dancers; book keepers and accountants that make numbers behave themselves and teachers, practitioners and business owners that inspire those around them and many other skills. So, rather than have a party this year that emphasizes what we do, we thought we would create a day to showcase YOU.

Join us for an afternoon of good food and great people as we celebrate the businesses and talents of some of our amazing clients.
Here’s some of the great stuff we have lined up for you:
1:00 – Welcome and introduction – Alexis
1:15 – Mamas for Mamas Story – Shannon
1:30 – Holistic Finance –Nico and Marly
2:00 – Hula Hooping – Hannah and Ezra
2:30 – Tai Chi – Jan
3:00 – GEMS demo – Alexis
3:30 – Better Brain – PaddyPortraits – Kate
Intuitive Art – Kasia
Creative Knitting and Sewing crafts – Nicola
Fresh veggies – Wise Earth FarmsDoor prizes and draws
Final menu from The Nourished Chef for your drooling pleasure:- Strawberries stuffed with vanilla bean coconut cream with raw chocolate drizzle

– Paleo 2 bite avocado brownies with raw chocolate ganash

– Watermelon feta bites with basil leaf and balsamic reduction

– Medi Vegi canapés with sundried tomato tapenade, pesto hummus, and artichoke

All this and more – see you next Saturday!

Previous Year’s Events:

Be Your Best 2013 will be held on Saturday, August 31 from 1-4:00pm at our beautiful location in the Joe Rich area of Kelowna, 7655 Falconridge Cres.

This year’s sponsors and prizes to date:

Happily Holistic Practitioners: Gift certificates from Alexis, Brigitte and Holly for BodyTalk (x2), Specialized Kinesiology, a detoxifying salt glow and infrared sauna sessions – combined value of $500

Custom canvas bags (created by Just ‘B’ in Stitches) filled with health and aromatherapy products – total value unknown, since we keep packing things in there!

12 Glass jars filled with organically grown mint and lemonbalm tea from our gardens

Aromatherapy gift packs from Sage

Basket of childcare products: herbal products from Clef des Champs, warm-up bear from Relaxus and books

We’ll be adding more as the month goes on!


Zumba lesson with Cora Greyeyes!


Gluten-free baking demonstration and samples from Sweet Christinas


In the past, this event has featured fun activities such as hula-hooping, bellydancing, zumba and guided meditation alongside informative presentations on RAW foods, specialized kinesiology, fashion feng-shui and more!  Be sure to check back with us for an up-to-date schedule and complete list of prizes up for grabs in August.

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