Client List

Just who is interested in Natural Health?  You may be surprised!

Health is an intrinsic part of living a happy life. Concerns about health affect every demographic. We have clients ranging in age from two weeks old to ninety-years-young and everything in between.

While anyone and everyone can benefit from learning more about their body, people who are open to new ideas and are ready to make changes in their lives will get the most out of sessions and classes.

We have taught classes and crafted presentations for:

  • Health Shows
  • Women in Business Groups
  • Homeschooling Groups
  • Schools
  • Senior’s Centres
  • Life Mastery Workshops
  • Professional Groups
  • Athletes in Training
  • Prenatal Groups

…Not only was she engaging, informative and entertaining, but after going through the audience feedback, she was also extremely well received. Her way of opening up the audience, not only emotionally, but also electrically was something I was quite impressed with. After having a treatment from Alexis, having her present at two of my workshops, and getting to know her on a personal level, I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t be able to better their lives from what Alexis has to offer. Thank you Alexis, and I look forward to having you as a guest speaker at many more Life Mastery Workshops. ~TS; Searching 4 Solutions

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