Frequently Asked Questions

Health can be a confusing topic. There is a lot of information out there and most of it is contradictory. We want to provide you with the information you need so you can make the choice that is best for you.  If your question is not covered here, please feel free to contact us.

How does muscle testing work?

Muscle testing uses specific muscles to monitor or observe the energy moving through the body. When the body is in balance, energy is moving properly throughout. When there is an imbalance, it pops the circuit and changes the energy flow. You can tell if there is a problem with the electricity in your house if you flip the switch in the kitchen and the lights stay off. Similarly, you can tell if there is a problem with the body’s electricity if there is a difficulty maintaining certain muscle positions.

Every person, place, food, vitamin, event, memory etc. that you can think of affects electrical flow, so we can use your muscles to see whether these aspects of your life are supporting you, or whether they are causing stress. Sometimes parts of your life that are good for you can cause stress: think of a wedding, which is a happy event, but is ranked as one of the most stressful situations you’ll ever be in! Once we figure out where the stress is in your life, we can help you deal with it more efficiently so you don’t have negative symptoms.

What can I expect after a session?

A miraculous transformation curing all of your problems! No, not really.

Most health conditions did not develop overnight; they are years in the making. It takes awhile for these to resolve. That being said, many start noticing changes in their body after their first session. It can take a few weeks for the effects of a session to become fully visible, especially if someone needs to use supplements, as improvements might not be seen until the right amount of the supplement in question has made its way into the system. How many sessions one needs and how far apart they should be varies depending on the person and the health issues they are working with.

What is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health is a system of specialized kinesiology. The first Touch for Health manual was published in 1973 by John Thie who wanted to develop a system that could be used by laymen to improve their health and the health of friends and family. It combines Eastern and Western theories nicely using specific muscles tests as indicators for how energy is moving with the meridians (the same energy conduits that are accessed through acupuncture, acupressure and shiatsu). It is a simple and powerful tool for balancing energy, reducing pain, facilitating muscles and reducing emotional stress.

We teach all four levels of Touch for Health to those who are interested in enhancing quality of life.

Who should take Touch for Health classes?

Touch for Health classes are meant for people who want to learn how to feel better and help those around them feel better. No knowledge of anatomy or physiology is needed, just a willingness to learn and have fun. Touch for Health complements many other healing modalities and can be used in conjunction with them to enhance sessions. We have had many massage therapists, BodyTalkers, reflexologists, chiropractors, herbalists and NHPs in our classes as well as people from every other profession you can think of!

We often say that someone in every family should learn these techniques. As a parent, it gives great peace of mind to be able to reduce a child’s stress or pain, improve performance and brain integration, or even just see what’s wrong before bringing them to a doctor.

Does a holistic approach work for serious illness?

People are often willing to try holistic therapies for a cold or flu, but when we hear scary words like “cancer”, fear sets in and it becomes hard to look at our options clearly.  We have many stories of people curing the “incurable” simply by tapping in to the body’s natural wisdom and helping it along when necessary.  One thing to remember is that complementary therapies can go right along with allopathic treatments – it doesn’t have to be an either/or scenario, instead you can make use of both types of medicine and find what is right for you.

Do you have any training, or are you all just New-Age weirdos?

Believe it or not, we have a fair bit of training, though neither of us will deny being odd.

Alexis Costello: I began my natural health career by getting a job in a health food store. I was just there killing time, but after two weeks was completely in love with it! From there I began a two-year diploma program in Herbology and Iridology that provided a background in Chinese Constitutional Therapy, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology along with it. After that I took a course in Aromatherapy and pursued Massage, which was a great way to put my knowledge of the body into practice. After moving back to BC, I had an opportunity to take Touch for Health classes. After the first level, I knew kinesiology was what I had been looking for. I quickly went through all four levels, completed my proficiency exam, took the instructor’s course and began teaching with my mother Holly. I am a Registered Bach Flower Practitioner, which means I have gone through all three levels in class as well as 6 months home study and continuing education. I have taken other scattered courses like Colon Hydrotherapy, MindScape and BodyTalk Access, Quantum Touch and Metagenics Functional Medicine series. Most recently, I have been studying SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) and had the privilege of taking the second level with instructor Charles Krebs whose books and work I greatly admire!

It seems like a long list when I write it all out. I am constantly reading to keep up on the latest information. The point is that natural health is a life-long pursuit and passion. Constant learning is required!

Holly Berezowski: I began dabbling in natural health when my son was born with many serious allergies that the doctors seemed unable to help. Though I never looked at health as a career, it was always close to my heart. My own quest for better health brought me back to it later in life and I jumped in with both feet! I began with an intensive Natural Health Practitioner and Day Spa program that left me certified in Reflexology, Massage, Aromatherapy, Anatomy and many wonderful spa techniques. I wanted to improve my muscle testing, so began the Touch for Health levels, eventually completing my proficiency exam, taking the instructor’s course and teaching with my daughter Alexis. I have taken many shorter but very interesting courses such as MindScape, Break Through, Metagenics Functional Medicine series and levels one and two of the Bach Flower Remedy courses. The BodyTalk modules provide an amazing and new way to work with my clients. I am currently studying the PaRama levels written by BodyTalk originator John Velthiem.


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