International Specialized Kinesiology Day

Press Release for International SK Day

Saturday, March 21, 2015 marks the first ever International Specialized Kinesiology Day.  While Specialized Kinesiology (SK) has been around for a long time, it is still misunderstood.  “People think of it as ‘New Age’ or strange.  They often ask me if I’m psychic because they can’t understand how I know things about them and their health,” says Natural Health Practitioner Alexis Costello.  “In reality, SK is simply a way of seeing where the body is holding stress.  Every food you eat, vitamin you take, person you interact with or thought you have either allows energy flow to work properly through the body, creating a ‘locked’ or strong muscle response, or it creates stress in the body and an ‘unlocked’ or weak response.”

Most forms of SK practiced today around the world stem from the work of Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. John Thie.  Both men were chiropractors in the 60’s who began using muscle tests as a way of assessing meridian energy from Chinese therapies such as acupuncture.  They developed corrections that were non-intrusive and easy to use.  Dr. Thie wanted to create a way for laypeople without medical training to use these techniques and in 1973 published the first Touch for Health manual.  Touch for Health is now taught all over the world and is considered a prerequisite to many other SK courses for it’s excellent teaching of accurate muscle testing and powerful correction techniques.  These are certificate classes and are globally recognized and overseen by the International Kinesiology College.

To mark this event in Kelowna, Alexis Costello, who is also the President of the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology, will be working with a team of her students offering free Touch for Health balances in front of Nature’s Fare from 10-4:00 Saturday, March 21.  “The point is to help people become familiar with the idea of muscle testing, how it works and what the benefits are. (SK) is gentle and non-invasive but can have profound effects including pain relief, stress reduction, increased energy and overall wellbeing. These balances are quick (seven or eight minutes per person usually), gentle and do not require any special equipment while leaving volunteers feeling better and, hopefully, wanting to learn more about this amazing field of study.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about SK is welcome to visit the Canadian Association’s website:



‘Be Your Best 2014 Fair’ and Fall classes

This year, we are trying something a little different for our Be Your Best celebration. Every year, we try to create a day that is fun and full of goodies and appreciation for you, our amazing clients and supporters. We have always known that we have the best clients in the world, but over the past four years (4!) we have come to a second conclusion, namely that many of you are also ridiculously talented. These talents take many forms: we see artists, writers and dancers; book keepers and accountants that make numbers behave themselves and teachers, practitioners and business owners that inspire those around them and many other skills. So, rather than have a party this year that emphasizes what we do, we thought we would create a day to showcase YOU.
Would you like to set up a table to show off your business? Display your art? Explain investment strategies? Play a song? Let us know! There will be no charge for table or workshop space – what we ask for is a silent auction item with our proceeds going to support Mamas for Mamas, a new locally based charity that is working to support moms and kids (learn more here) or an item that would be a useful donation to the charity itself (check the website for ideas). We will still make sure there is plenty of great food, activities for the kids and a beautiful space for you to shine in. I am really looking forward to a day that is completely different.
Email us as soon as possible to reserve your space!

Fall Class List
Holly and I are putting together class dates for the fall. We have a Touch for Health schedule, but I am curious as to what other classes people would like to see on the schedule for the fall. There are instructors we have hosted classes for before: is there interest in a Louise Hay ‘You Can Heal Your Life!’; raw food detoxing; SIPS or K for Kids? How about something new; like an Emotion Code workshop, or a series for new mothers? Let’s work together to make sure that the schedule is beneficial to all of you, offering the classes you need to move forward in your health and well-being!

There is still space to register for TFH Metaphors June 14 & 15 if you would like to come and join us.

This newsletter is different than most, because it is so full of questions, but I am hoping it inspires you to connect with us about what you really want to see; the information you need or the platform that will let you share your work with others.
Enjoy this beautiful sunny weather!

GEMS goes to Denmark and Make us Best of Kelowna!

In case you haven’t seen my pleas and bribes on Facebook, Happily Holistic has been nominated for Best of Kelowna under the ‘Favourite Health Practitioner’ category!  When you log in to vote it will take you through pages of different categories – I believe we are on page three – and you can either vote for one in each category or just ignore sections completely.  I think it would be so great to win this, not just because it would be good press for HH (though don’t get me wrong, that definitely motivates me!) but because it would symbolize some recognition and respect for specialized kinesiology work and how much it can impact people’s lives.
Vote at

IASK Conference in Denmark
This newsletter is later than usual because I had the amazing opportunity to go to Denamrk for a conference.  The International Association of Specialized Kinesiology hosted a meeting where they invited delegates from each of the national conferences to attend in the spirit of co-operation and support for our work worldwide.  Representatives from 15 countries attended.  After these committee meetings we attended the conference – long days of presentations and workshops, but so much to learn!  I had the chance to present GEMS to an international audience and it seems, from the feedback I received, that Holly and I have hit on something that is needed in all parts of the world where TFH is taught.
Below: Committee meeting bringing together members of SK boards from all over the world.

Thanks for all of your support and for reading.  Next month we will be announcing something different and special for this year’s Be Your Best celebration, but I’m keeping it under my hat until we have all the details worked out.
Until then!