Agape Quest

Step into the world of Applied Physiology (AP)… a modality that can start you on a satisfying career helping others improve their wellness. AP is internationally recognized for it’s extensive research and depth of trainings. In AP workshops, special emphasis is given to discovering and clearing hidden stress. Methods taught through all four levels of Agape Quest will allow you to work with a broad range of issues. Adventures in muscle-monitoring begin with this first workshop of four foundational courses. Within the Level 1 workshop: – Learn how to truly communicate clearly with the unconscious mind. – Utilize powerful acupressure techniques masterfully. – Work foot reflexes with precision to help alleviate toxicity issues. – Experience AP tuning forks’ powerful sound-healing results.
(These tools can be utilized by themselves and in combination with other techniques. Cost of tuning forks is additional)
Easily stabilize and integrate any and all sessions with ancient energy ! techniques.
Agape Quest workshops teach skills for you to confidently realize your potential as a sought-after Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner. Even beginners can commence satisfying clients immediately. Experienced practitioners discover they can incorporate prior knowledge into the AP system to enhance the effects of other modalities.
No pre-requisites required for this class, other than a true desire to help others release stress and pain, plus a pinch of curiosity.
Note, it is very useful but not essential to attend a Touch for Health Level 1 workshop before attending Agape Quest Level 2.
Kinesiology (CanASK) and the Kinesiology College of Canada.
Along with Agape Quest, she also teaches:
Touch for Health, Brain Formatting, Chakra Sound Essences, and Circuits Alive Muscle Tuning .
Her deep appreciation of AP and love of teaching makes this class a worthwhile investment in your quest for professional techniques to support your
Contact: Sponsor: Alexis Costello (250) 491-7559 Instructor:
Denise Cambiotti
483 Glenholme Street, Coquitlam, BC V3K 5E1 Phone: (604) 936-5463

You are invited to contact this instructor for more information about how you can bring AP skills into your practice.
The Next Agape Quest Level 1 class takes place:
Date: November 20-23, 2014 in Kelowna, BC, 9am to 6pm daily
$500 + GST, registered by October 15, 2014 
 ($600 thereafter) Manual and supplemental materials included; AP tuning forks $700 + GST + PST (BC residents)

Investment :
Cost of repeating any AQ course with this instructor to deepen your understanding is half the regular price plus cost of materials.

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2 thoughts on “Agape Quest

  1. I am interested in taking Agrape Quest level 1 . When and where are you teaching this class
    I am looking for something to combine with Rythmic Movement training( integrating
    The primitive and postural reflexes) I live in Raymond Alberta. I will look forward to hearing from you

    • This class is taught by Denise Cambiotti – we don’t have one scheduled currently but would consider scheduling a class for the Fall. In the meantime, check her website to see if she has any classes listed in Vancouver. If you are interested in hosting Touch for Health, GEMS or SIPS classes in your area, let me know! – Alexis

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