Brain Formatting

In this workshop, you will learn how to use techniques drawn from Applied Physiology (jaw stacking) and Clinical Kinesiology (finger modes) to access areas such as:

  • the Cerebrum,
  • the Cerebellum,
  • the Cortex,
  • the Diencephalon,
  • the Medulla Oblongata,
  • the Limbic System,
  • the Midbrain,
  • the Pons,
  • the Spinal Cord,
  • and amazingly: the Heart/Brain system,
  • as well as the Enteric Nervous System (governs digestion).

Gain an overview of the general functions of each of these areas in order to more completely support clients who have imbalances in equilibrium, sight, hearing, taste, smell, sleep rhythms, cravings, compulsive behaviour, digestion, academic, and artistic difficulties.

Pre-requisite:  Touch For Health Level 4 is a pre-requisite for attending this two-day workshop.

Combining Touch for Health muscle assessment and correction techniques with your new knowledge will have you soon clearing significant levels of stress from these neurological areas and helping those around you gently and easily! If you have a fascination with ‘The Brain’, you will be introduced to a way of working with ‘formats’ developed by Applied Physiology. Formats were pioneered for Applied Physiology’s “Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain” workshop, and were further developed for use in LEAP Brain Integration classes. This Brain Formatting workshop is recommended before attending either of these two workshops which are currently taught in Canada on a yearly basis.

Investment for the class is $373.80 (HST included) which includes your manual.

About your instructor:

Denise Cambiotti is a certified instructor member of the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology (CanASK). Her deep appreciation of kinesiology and love of teaching makes this class a worthwhile investment to support your complementary health practice.

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