Goal, Element, Mode, Stack

The GEMS program is designed to help Touch for Health students become efficient practitioners.  We often hear our Level Four students remark that they are unsure of when to use each balance, or that all of the testing seems cumbersome and hard to do out of a classroom setting.  The aim of this class is to teach a system that will allow the student to use everything they know in the Specialized Kinesiology realm thus far and bring in additional aspects as they are learned, so that all information falls under the GEMS umbrella.  A short course on explaining and marketing Specialized Kinesiology is included in this program as well.  We will take you from how to set up your office and attract clients, to walking you through a typical session, to taking money and re-booking – all the areas where practitioners feel stress about setting up their professional practice.

Muscle testing is a process of elimination.  All we are doing is helping decide which bits of information are relevant to the session at hand; opening some doors and closing others, so that you are left with a streamlined easy flow of information.


None currently scheduled.

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