Stress Indicator Point System Level One

SIPS Level 1 (3 Day Course)

Learn a revolutionary way of how to work with overfacilitated and underfacilitated muscles, tendons, and ligaments, including retinaculi and tendon sheath.
Balancing primal emotions of the limbic system.
How to reduce pain in the body tissues.
Why the body resists healing.
How to balance joints in the body to significantly improve their function.
How to balance a knee joint using the major 21 muscles surrounding it.

PrerequisitesTouch for Health Level Four or Edu-K in Depth or other entry level courses.

Investment is $495 plus GST which includes the SIPS Level 1 manual and a Stress Indicator Point Level One Certificate.  If you pre-register by securing your seat with at $100 non-refundable deposit, the investment is reduced to $450.

None currently scheduled.
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