Touch for Health Level One

Level One is the core of Touch for Health. In this class we learn the fourteen basic energy meridians along with their placement and function in the body. We learn fourteen muscles that act as indicators for stress in those meridians, and five different ways of balancing them, including spinal reflexes, neuro-lymphatic points, neuro-vascular points, meridian tracing, origin/insertion technique and nutrition. Accurate muscle testing and pre-checks are also taught, along with simple and effective pain techniques and emotional stress release.

About Touch for Health Level 1:

Enables you to perform a 14 muscle balance using neuro-lymphatic, neuro vascular and spinal reflexes. You will also learn to release emotional stress and help reduce pain. –International Kinesiology College

Touch for Health Level 1 Syllabus
as published and approved by the International Kinesiology College
(minimum 15 hours)

The main teaching concept is:

The Fourteen Muscle Balance

  • 14 Muscle Balance As You Go
  • Demonstration
  • Pretests:
    • Switching On Correction Exercise
    • Central Meridian Check / Zip up, zip down
    • Dehydration Check
    • Permission to test
    • Self Responsibility Model
  • Accurate Indicator Muscle Testing
  • Inhibited Muscles
  • Introducing the 14 muscle tests and Correction Methods:
    • Neuro-lymphatics
    • Neuro-vasculars
    • Meridians
    • Origin / Insertion
    • Spinal Reflexes
  • Challenge
  • 14 Muscle Balancing with a Goal

The Applications of TFH 1

  • Auricular Exercise
  • Visual Inhibition
  • Cross Crawl for Fun
  • Emotional Stress Release
  • Surrogate Testing
  • Foods for Strengthening
  • Posture Awareness
  • Simple Pain Techniques

14 Muscles & Their Meridians

Central Supraspinatus
Governing Teres Major
Stomach Pectoralis Major Clavicular
Spleen Latissimus Dorsi
Heart Subscapularis
Small Intestine Quadriceps
Bladder Peroneus
Kidney Psoas
Circulation Sex Gluteus Medius
Triple Warmer Teres Minor
Gall Bladder Anterior Deltoid
Liver Pectoralis Major Sternal
Lung Anterior Serratus
Large Intestine Fascia Lata

Prerequisites: None, except a willingness to try something new and have fun!

Investment is $350 plus GST which includes the Touch for Health manual, a binder full of handouts, a one-year newsletter subscription from CanASK, and a Touch for Health Level One Certificate.

After Level One Touch for Health: “This was really great! I can’t wait to learn more. You’re both wonderful teachers and explain things so well.” ~ W.S. Quesnel, BC

Upcoming Touch for Health Classes:

None currently scheduled.
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