Touch for Health Level Three

Level Three brings in another fourteen muscles for a total of 42.  Five-element theory is expanded as you learn how to use it for colour-balances, goal balancing and food balancing.  Emotional Stress Release (ESR) for past traumas is covered, as are special techniques for painful and reactive muscles.  Pain tapping (to relieve pain, not cause it!) circuit retaining mode  and sedation techniques round out the course.

About Touch for Health Level 3:

Introduces facilitation/inhibition theory; correction methods for gaits, postural problems and reactive concepts, allowing the body to function as a harmonious whole, even under stress. Pain tapping for chronic pain, using pulse checks, is also within this module. –International Kinesiology College

Touch for Health Level 3 Syllabus
as published and approved by the International Kinesiology College
(minimum 15 hours)

The main teaching concept is:

Reactive Muscle Theory

  • Five Element Review
  • 5 Element Balancing with Color as Correction
  • 5 Element Balancing with Goal and Emotion
  • Circuit Retaining Mode
  • Facilitation and Inhibition
  • Introduce 14 New Muscles
  • Reactive Muscle Theory and Practice

The Applications of TFH 3

  • Sedation Techniques
  • Gait Testing
  • E.S.R. for defusing past stress and trauma
  • Past Balancing for Trauma
  • Pulses
  • Pain Tapping for Chronic Pain
  • Balancing using food as correction

14 Muscles & Their Meridians

Central Supraspinatus
Governing Teres Major
Stomach Levator Scapulae & Posterior Neck Extensions
Spleen Opponens Pollicus
Small Intestine Oblique Abdominals
Bladder Anterior & Posterior Tibials
Kidney Upper Trapezius
Circulation Sex Gluteus Maximus
Triple Warmer Gracilis, Soleus, Gastrocnemius
Gall Bladder
Lung Coracobrachialis
Large Intestine Hamstrings

Prerequisites: Touch for Health Level Two

Investment is $300 plus GST which includes new handouts and a Touch for Health Level Three Certificate.

Upcoming Touch for Health Classes:

None currently scheduled.
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