Touch for Health Level Two

Level Two expands on the techniques taught in Level One.  Fourteen new muscles are learned with their corrections including neurolymphatics, neurovascular points and spinal reflex technique and introducing new balancing techniques such as acupressure holding points.  Learn about Five Element Theory and the Wheel, how to balance for specific times of day and how to circuit locate the preferred balancing method.  This class deepens your understanding and knowledge making your sessions more effective.

About Touch for Health Level 2:

Builds on skills and introduces the application of the Chinese Law of 5 Elements to energy balancing, over and under energy; food testing with sensitivity mode; the principles of yin and yang applied to meridians and organs and more! –International Kinesiology College

Touch for Health Level 2 Syllabus
as published and approved by the International Kinesiology College
(minimum 15 hours)

The main teaching concept is:

The Law of Five Elements

  • Circuit Location
  • Prechecks
  • TFH 2 Balancing Methods
    • Spindle Cell Mechanism
    • Golgi Tendon Apparatus
    • Acupressure Holding Points
  • Cerebro Spinal Technique
  • Yin / Yang Concept
  • Alarm Points for Over Energy
  • Meridian Wheel Balancing
    • Beaver Dam
    • Triangles and Squares
    • Midday / Midnight Law
  • The theory and practice of Five Elements
  • One Point Correction – correct the first Yin under energy after any over energy

The Applications of TFH 2

  • E.S.R. – Future Performance
  • Meridian Massage
  • Meridian Walking for Recent Pain
  • Food Testing with Sensitivity Mode
  • Simple Pain Techniques
  • Cross Crawl Integration Exercise

14 Muscles & Their Meridians

Central Supraspinatus
Governing Teres Major
Stomach Anterior Neck Flexors & Brachioradialis
Spleen Middle and Lower Trapezius
Small Intestine Rectus Abdominalis
Bladder Sacrospinalis
Kidney Iliacus
Circulation Sex Piriformis & Adductors
Triple Warmer Sartorius
Gall Bladder Popliteus
Liver Rhomboids
Lung Deltoids
Large Intestine Quadratus Lumborum

Prerequisites: Touch for Health Level One

Investment is $300 plus GST which includes new handouts and a Touch for Health Level Two Certificate.

“I really benefitted from the movement breaks and the opportunities for hands-on work, even though I felt awkward at times due to my lack of proficiency… but I have confidence that it will come in time! Thank you both so much!” ~ K.M. Kelowna, BC

Upcoming Touch for Health Classes:

None currently scheduled.


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