4-Week Detox, Group Coaching Program

Reduce your toxic load and supercharge your nutrition

Would you like to rejuvenate, revitalize and shed unwanted pounds?

If you do then I have something for you. In my experience, the body needs a cleanse at least once a year to detox from environmental pollution and from lack of exercise, sleep and fresh fruit and vegetables. We need to get  rid of toxins which accumulate in our bodies.  

A detox allows you to cleanse your insides, reduce your toxic load, recharge and spring into a new vibrant body and clear mind.

Whenever people try to cleanse on their own, they generally don’t stick with it because there is no coaching and no accountability.

That’s why I organize and lead this online 4 Week Detox. This is a favorite cleanse to restore your health and energy and feel amazingly rejuvenated by the end of the 4 weeks.

Benefits of detoxing and cleansing:

  • Improve your digestion.
  • Enhance your body‘s detoxification process and promote the release of stored toxins that are slowing you down.
  • Help you kick-start into a healthier routine.
  • Reset your taste buds.
  • Get more in touch with your body’s needs.
  • Your body’s self-healing capacities are maximized.
  • Health improvement in general.
  • Increased energy.
  • Weight loss.
  • Clearer skin.
  • Sharper mind.
  • Renewed and rejuvenated spirit.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Addictions are often overcome (coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, food, drugs).

Choose The Cleanse That’s Right For You

If you decide to follow a detox that does not involve cleaning up your diet and environment, you are unlikely to see lasting results. That’s why on my 4 weeks detox program I offer guidelines and ways to customize. During those four weeks I’ll guide you through 4 phases of a detox and you’ll have the options to choose for each week the detox approach that suits you best.  I’ll provide you with menu planning and invaluable information in the process of cleansing and detoxing your body and mind. My 4 weeks detox program is a food based cleanse with emphasis on green vegetables.

I was extremely fortunate to participate in the 4-week detox this past spring! Guylaine helped me overcome persistent food (dairy, sugar, chocolate), coffee, AND alcohol addictions by providing detailed guidelines (which are modified to fit individual needs) and loving support. The cleanse doesn’t feel rigid because you have a wonderful range of vegetables, fruits and herbs to choose from and great recipes and menu suggestions provided.  If you have time, you can also use your imagination and simply enjoy the fresh flavor combinations of whatever is fresh at the market!

The green foods truly reset your taste buds (lemons taste almost sweet!)  and resets your bodily functions, giving time to begin a “small miracle” in the way of healing.  It is so amazing how the body can heal without supplements and can cleanse without herbal detox remedies.  I plan to follow this type of cleansing regimen each year from now on just to recharge and rejuvenate and will continue to drink fresh vegetable juice and smoothies regularly throughout the year.

Further improvements that I noticed after doing the 4 Week Detox program:

  • Teeth feel less sensitive
  • No sugar cravings
  • More energy
  • No more supplements or herbal laxatives required
  • PMS and Menstrual cramps almost completely disappeared since the cleanse!  Wow
  • I also had eczema on my hands; the skin on my entire body is soft & supple now
  • My clothes fit again!
  • Best of all, I seem to be overcoming my Gluten sensitivity!  No more anxiety attacks or migraines after being exposed to gluten

Also, I lost 12lbs. of excess “waste/toxins” within 4 weeks  – plus more in the weeks afterwards by maintaining the good habits surrounding preparing and eating meals (more mindfulness).  I weighed 138lbs and now maintain 123lbs (or less) since June.

Thank you Guylaine for your support and encouragement!  You are beautiful and were placed on this earth to share your knowledge of health and help others along their path.

Namaste, Stephanie

Here are the priceless essential features to succeed in your
4-Week Detox Program

  • 4 Live Interactive Meeting With Guylaine! There’s nothing quite like getting to spend live time with Guylaine! These meetings are informative and guide you through each week so you are accountable, gain knowledge and know what actions you need to do. You have the chance to map your week to meet your expectations.
  • 4 weekly Food Preparation Demo: These food prep are chock-full of Guylaine’s top tips, tricks and secrets for clean-eating success!
  • A Binder with Printed Weekly Documents filled with information and recipes, menu planning and shopping list.
  • 4 Weeks Menu Planner with dozens of Easy Healthy Rejuvenating Recipes for each week such as smoothies, juices, savory smoothies, dressings, and more. These recipes are invaluable assets whenever you want to cleanse.
  • 4 Weeks Daily tips and support emails. Chef/Coach Guylaine provides encouragement and guidance all throughout your rejuvenation journey!
  • Detox Journal: it will help you tracking your journey, body’s reaction, thoughts and feelings. It’s proven that tracking your progress helps you stay your course.

4-Week Detox Plan:

Week 1: The elimination diet

  • Cleansing explained.
  • Assessment and Goal Setting.
  • Talk on allergens and processed foods and how to be in touch with your body.
  • Menu planning and shopping guidelines for a week.
  • Lifestyle strategies to help you optimize your health.

Week 2: Raw Food Week

  • Talk on the importance of fresh foods for health and high vitality.
  • Implementation of fresh foods in your daily menu to help you revitalize and detox complete with menu planning and shopping list.

Week 3: Green Cleanse

  • The actual cleanse. Talk on the 3 different detox diets.
  • Selecting the cleanse option that is perfect for you.
  • Menu planning and shopping list.
  • Important things to do and not to do during your detox week.

Week 4: Post cleanse

  • Transitioning into healthy eating.
  • How to maintain healthy lifestyle habits for life!
  • How to create vibrant health and high vitality for your future.

I was fortunate to take Guylaine’s cleansing programs.  I learned so much!  She not only educated and encouraged us she equipped us with a binder packed with information that is invaluable!  I believe that this course has been another great piece of my puzzle toward achieving amazing health.  You will experience more energy and have a better sense of wellbeing. I would encourage everyone to take this program – you will not regret your decision.  Don’t wait another day – Contact Guylaine to get started as soon as possible.

To your health, AJ

4-Week Detox Dates:

Thursdays from 7-9pm on:
February 21, 28 & March 7, 14, 2013

Your investment: Only $250

Act now as space is limited. We only accept 10 participants in the 4-Week Detox Group Coaching Program for best support.

About Guylaine Lacerte     

Guylaine is a raw food nutrition and detox expert with more than 35 years experience and knowledge in the raw lifestyle and personal development. Guylaine has dedicated her life to provide support and guidance helping women, and the rare men, achieve vibrant or optimal health.

Guylaine offers 1:1 nutrition and lifestyle coaching, 4-week detox program group coaching program, health consultation, raw food classes and vitality retreats.

Guylaine is a Certified Raw Food Nutrition Educator and Lifestyle Coach and a Professional Counselor.

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