Kinesiology for Kids Playshop

Kinesiology for Kids PlayshopKinesiology for kids gives kids and their parents tools to help stay focused and balanced, improve concentration, co-ordination and learning.  This playshop is based on the principles taught in Touch for Health; an easy to learn and apply system of kinesiology created by Dr. John Thie in the early 70’s.  Touch for Health is the foundation that most of the natural health care systems we see today are based on.

The aim of this course is to give children the gift of control over their health.  Allopathic medicine teaches that when we don’t feel well, we need to put ourselves into the hands of a professional since they know what is best.  I believe that your body knows what is right for you – all you need are the tools to help interpret the messages clearly.  Giving these tools to a child helps them to make good decisions about the foods they eat, the way they speak and how they deal with stress.  It gives them the ability to be clear headed and concentrate, or to relax.

Techniques include: zip ups, switching on, cross crawls, lazy eights, tuning in the ears, clearing visual inhibitions, hook-ups, muscle testing for foods and more.

 Alexis leads a group of students in a cross crawl exercise in Kelowna, BC.

Upcoming Workshops:

None currently scheduled.

If you have a group of parents and children who are interested in this; we can set a date that works for your group.  K for Kids is usually taught over 3 hours with breaks for snacks and running around, depending on the age range of the children involved.  Contact us for details.

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