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Room Rental

Room Open to the Public for Hourly or Daily Rentals:

$50 per Day Office Room Rental

$15.00 per Hours 


Just available…..Office Room for Full Monthly Rental or Part Time Rental….


$400/Part Time Rental

No Down Payment, No Damage Deposit, No long Term contracts to sign!!!

Professional Office Space in Kelowna, prime location,

Run your Own Business?….Start-Ups? or Need a change?

Ground floor with a separate waiting room. A very cozy, nicely furnished & suitable for someone requiring a professional office space. Can include furnishings but does not have to.

This space best suited for any type of business:
Registered Massage Therapist
Holistic Practitioners
Medical Health Care
Hair removal
Office Space
Holistic Practitioners
Lashes Extension Laser

This office includes:
• Office furniture and seating
• High speed internet access
• Coffee ,Tea & Water
• ALSO INCLUDES:  cleaning services, restroom facilities,
• Heat, Hydro, cleaning, Air Conditioning
• Front Parking lot and street parking available
•  Short or long term daily/monthly options
• Alarm System