download-1Ariana Save is a massage practitioner who uses Raynor style massage: A Deep massage that incorporates working on the bands of tension to the very root of the problem, which also includes Reflexology, because in Raynor massage we believe everything is connected. Ariana has Reiki level’s 1&2, TFH Levels 1-4 and also is known to use that in her massages as well…. Also to be said is her passion for animals. Ariana has been an Equine massage practitioner for many years on the coast where she is originally from. And is very much looking forward to be continuing that passion here.


Raynor Massage ‐ 60 min. Deep issue massage that works at your own level of comfort. A full body massage that incorporates working to the “roots” of tension. A total de‐stressing and full body relaxation. Can release tension trapped physically and emotionally. $60