Registered Holistic Nutritionist, T.F.H., Whole Foods & Holistic Meal Planning, Holistic Lifestyle Support

Kate is a  Nutritionist & Touch for Health practitioner,completed formal Nutritionist training in 2013 & Alive Academy in 2014. Kate is able to combine 2 modalities to help fully understand the body’s true state of well being. Your session will include an assessment of current dietary and lifestyle habits, exploring current concerns and goals and meridian balance testing that will send you off feeling clearer and more energized.



T.F.H. Quick Balance – 30 min. session A quick session to balance your energy, boost your mood, clear your mind, release some stress or ease some pain. $35

Registered Holistic Nutritionist & SIPS ‐ 120 min. Knowledge of the interactions of foods and lifestyle with the body systems help get us to the root of health problems. We believe in whole foods rather than fad diets and conscious eating rather than denying oneself. Session includes an assessment of current dietary and lifestyle habits, an exploration of current concerns and goals and a 30 minute SIPS session to test for appropriate actions and foods. $110

R.H.N. Follow up Consult ‐ 45 min. session – A shorter session to follow up on progresses made or areas of concern from your first consult and personal nutrition / lifestyle plan. Take home a revised personalized nutrition plan. $55

SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) SIPS is an interesting branch of Specialized Kinesiology which uses acupressure points almost like buttons to ask the body what kind of stress it is experiencing, and help it move the stress out more e efficiently. SIPS identifies the types of stress involved that create blockages and disperses the resistance so that the healing treatment can be directed at a profound and core level. $65

SIPS for Kids ‐ 30 min. session Newborn to 13 years. $35