Sylvia Johnson CBF, CBPF, ESSE, Reiki Master
My adventure began  with becoming a Reiki Master in 1995. Then I was introduced to Access Consciousness Bars Courses in 2013.  I was hooked within 30 minutes of an Access Consciousness Bars class…..My life instantly changes.  After 60 years of trying so desperately to fit in, (the square peg into the round hole scenario), I found myself a soft place to land…..  If your looking for this place, why not give this a try?
The Bars:
The Bars are 32 points on the head that, when lightly touched, open your mind up to a different way of functioning in your daily life. Getting your Bars run dissipates the electrical charge of polarity as it is stored in your brain. The brain waves actually slow down when you get your Bars run, permitting behavioral patterns and points of view ( that may not even be yours) to be accessed.
Science tells us that the shape of our cells actually becomes more elliptical when they are influenced by thoughts, feelings and emotions, which is the first step to dis-ease. When you get your BARS run, it unlocks this impact on the cells, allowing the cell to return to their more spherical shape, facilitating more ease in the body. I wonder, would you be interested in becoming more present in your current daily life and letting go of the past experiences that are potentially creating the stress, pain, doom and gloom in your everyday life and living?
60 -90 min 
ESSE:   Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment
Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment is a unique body work that combines access consciousness tools and body processes with hands on manipulation techniques targeting the connective facial tissues located throughout the body.
Fascia is a ubiquitous intra and extracellular mastrix of connective tissue, comprising collagen and elastin fibers, surrounded by a gel-like ground substance whose continuous structure exists from the smallest myofibril at the cellular level to the musculature systems and everywhere in-between. Fascia is continually moving, changing and reorganizing. With trauma, overuse, aging, judgement ad fixed points of vie, the fascia may thicken and bind down, creating restrictions that can in turn affect the entire body. Releasing the restrictions with Esse techniques allows the body to re organize with more ease of movement, improved range of motion, diminished pain and improve posture, increased presence and ease of embodiment. Would you be willing to soften and unbind some of the solidification that has occurred in your body over time with ease, joy and glory? Could this process be a contribution to your body, you and or state of min?
60-90 minutes
Body Processes:
These processes includes the body as becoming more awake & more conscious.  These processes create a different possibility for you with your body.  What is so amazingly unique about the over 50 access consciousness Body Processes is that they’re not necessarily about healing or fixing the body. Their target is about accessing more awareness, consciousness and connection, through and with your body. What if healing the body is a side effect of consciousness? Let’s just explore this possibility for a moments…..How positive is it to have a body in this day and age, on this planet? Do you see your body as a gift, a friend, a contribution, as something to enjoy or has your body been or is your body being abused, used, scolded, seen as terrible, disgusting or hugely judge-able offense? Instead of dismissing and disregarding the body in our ascension, what if you were to open up to the possibility that 80% of the thoughts, feeling and emotions that have are not even yours.  Can you imagine how much freedom and clarity this possibility could open up your life and living, with ease, joy, and glory with your body…
60 -90 minutes