Psychoneuroimmunology is the medical study of the effects that thoughts and the nervous system have on the immune system.  Louise Hay has written several books that describe in detail what parts of the body are linked to which emotions we experience, and what diseases can arise when emotions get too far out of balance.  The “power of positive thinking” became such a catch phrase in the eighties that it’s almost a cliché.  Obviously our emotions play a pretty major role in the physical health of the body, but when stress and trouble appears in front of you it can be hard or impossible to meditate and think positively to balance this out.

This brings us to the idea of Flower Essences.  These are homeopathic Essences that work on negative emotions in the body by flooding the individual with the opposite, positive emotion.  There are many different systems out there, originating all over the world.  There are even Okanagan Flower Essences!  The ones I choose to work with the most are Bach Flower Essences, because of their established history and efficacy, as well as the simplicity of the system.  To give you a very abridged version of Bach’s work, Dr. Edward Bach was a classically trained physician who became frustrated with allopathic medicine.  He began studying homeopathy, and developed the Bach Flower Essences in the 1930’s.  Bach really believed that disease is the result of an individual not following their true path in life.  He found emotional roots under almost every problem, and felt that this system would bring people back into balance.

Bach Flower Remedies

This system was designed to be pure and simple.  As Dr. Bach put it, “Free from science, free from theories, for everything in Nature is simple.”  (The Twelve Healers) Everything in Nature appears in perfect harmony, and human beings are no exception.  The absolute first rule of medicine under the Hippocratic oath is “do no harm”.  But if you have ever seen a commercial for a common over-the-counter drug, and listened to the side effects listed, you can see how far we have come from that.  Even herbs can have side effects, especially if they are taken in the wrong dosage, or for too long a period of time.  One of the most appealing things about the Flower Essences to my mind is that they have no contraindications.  They can be used safely by anyone: pregnant women, nursing mothers, small children, and people on 37 various prescription medications, and you cannot take too much.  After a certain point, they simply stop working.

Many people have heard of Bach Flower Essences before without knowing it, in the form of the combination ‘Rescue Remedy’. Rescue is a blend of five Flower Essences concocted by Dr Bach before he passed away, to help people with various stresses and mild emergency situations.  Oprah has praised Rescue Remedy, in O magazine.  I have witnessed its amazing calming effects on everything from toddler temper tantrums, to bad cuts and burns, to anxiety before public speaking.

Knowing the connection between emotions and health is one thing, having the tools to do something positive about it makes all the difference in the world.  Bach Remedies are sold individually in health food stores.  As a practitioner, I listen to what is going on in your life and create a combination that is specific to you and what you are going through at this moment in time.  This is often done in combination with Specialized Kinesiology  sessions.

If you already know which Bach Remedies you would like to try, we offer customized blends.  Choose up to five Bach Remedies and we will combine them for you in a small bottle using brandy as a preservative, saving you the expense of purchasing several stock bottles to deal with one specific issue.


During Specialized Kinesiology sessions, clients are fully clothed.  The practitioner will use muscle testing and various acupressure points to help facilitate the proper flow of energy through the meridians.