Rose Flechl

Rose FlechlRose learned muscle testing from one of the first chiropractors in the Okanagan Valley nearly 35 years ago.  Using Touch for Health muscle testing techniques, Rose helps clients discover the roots of their health problems and creates personalized programs of foods and supplements to facilitate wellness.  With the addition of Rose to our office, we are proud to boast three generations of Natural Health Practitioners, with the fourth generation studying hard to join us!

Areas of Expertise:

“I have worked with Rose for over 10 years and anticipate my time with her even more now than ever.  She brings such warmth, knowledge, compassion, an open heart and mind, and for sure, love, to her work.  Each session I learn – and laugh!  Rose has helped me so much to value and treat my body with more attention and respect.” ~ Sharon A, Vernon, BC

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