At Happily Holistic Natural Health and Wellness, we carry a variety of supplements to help you on your journey to feeling your best.  These include vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid/omega, antioxident, probiotic and herbal products from a few carefully selected companies.  Scroll down to see a few of our favourite products (subject to change with my whims).

We also create customized Bach Flower Remedy blends, designed to help with whatever emotional stresses are affecting your life right now.  Safe for everyone, Bach Flower Remedies are wonderful for children and infants, or those who are concerned about contraindications between natural remedies and prescription medications.

Because we believe that “Being Your Best!” is a holistic endeavor, we have also filled our office with things to make you feel good on all levels.  This includes locally made jewelry, candles, luxurious aromatherapy spa products, books, greeting cards and original art.

What’s New? Why, we’re glad you asked!

We came back from CHFA Expo this year very excited about a few new products.  One is MorEPA, a fish oil supplement with an intense dose of EPA per capsule – so high most people only need one!  Another is Chaga, a powdered mushroom supplement that improves immunity, energy and vitality.

We have a few pieces of the stunningly beautiful and ridiculously comfortable Maha Devi  available. Made with organic cotton, bamboo and hemp fibers these Vancouver made clothes are so wonderful you’ll never want to wear anything else!  A selection of hazelwood jewelry, which is good for arthritis, digestive issues, teething, toothaches and various skin issues is on display, as are new giclee prints from local artist Donna Hanlon and visiting artist Lani Imre and original pieces from Aimee Lee

Come on in to see, touch, feel, experience everything that is new!


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