Neural Organizational Technique – N.O.T.

Neural Organizational Technique (N.O.T) is a powerful corrective technique for working with the physical structure, chemistry, and emotions developed by Dr. Carl A Ferreri.  The protocols can be amazing for people who experience chronic pain or have healed poorly from an old injury – the practitioner will identify patterns of compensation and gently guide the body back to its’ proper structure.

There are corrections for improving the immune system and getting various aspects of the endocrine system to work together effectively.  This can result in less stress as the adrenals handle your workload better, weight loss as thyroid function improves and better sleep and mood as the hypothalamus and pituitary glands are stimulated.

Working with the cranial bones can help kids (or adults) with ADHD, learning difficulties, or autism.  Adjustments improve concentration and memory, distractability, mood swings, procrastination, general cognition and headaches.

Session Length:  1 hour

Cost:  $65 per hour + GST


What to expect:

During Specialized Kinesiology sessions, clients are fully clothed.  The practitioner will use muscle testing and various acupressure points to help facilitate the proper flow of energy through the meridians.

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