Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

All services offered by Happily Holistic (massage, BodyTalk, reflexology, Specialized Kinesiology, etc) are wonderful for expecting families and can help you feel your best as you embark on this journey.  These sessions can ease pain and discomfort, reduce lymphatic swelling, find and correct nutritional issues and promote optimal fetal positioning. While we do not diagnose illness or attempt to replace medical professionals, we can often identify key areas of stress that may be contributing to problems during a pregnancy and can help to balance hormones and emotional blockages for both mother and baby.

Happily Holistic works closely with Sara Spada of Mother Moon Pregnancy and Postpartum Care to offer a wide range of options to families going through this transformation who feel that they could use a little something extra.

Mother Moon services include:

Basic Services & Features

  • Free 20min Initial consultation:  phone or in person, information gathering session to ensure good client/practitioner fit and to determine the clients specific background and needs
  • Free 1hr Initial meeting:  In clients home, specific discussion around working arrangements, scope of practice, scheduling, signing of service agreement
  • Clients that are currently working within a package and choose to buy more support will receive a 10% discount on those services
  • Packages also include:  unlimited phone & email support, online service capabilities,
  • Lending library, video library, Personal assessment activities, connecting to Community services packages

Birth Support

$999:  This package is ideal for parents that are seeking doula support earlier in a pregnancy and would like some extended care after the birth

  • Biweekly visits until month of due date and then weekly visits until birth
  • 2 weeks prior & post due date, 24hrs on call
  • Weekly visits for one month after birth
  • Full Breastfeeding education & support

$699:  This package is ideal for parents that are seeking doula support later in pregnancy and want support only for their birth

  • 2 visits prior to birth to assess needs, build relationships, and build birth wish list
  • 2 weeks prior & post due date, 24hrs on call
  • 2 visits after birth, within the first week postpartum

Perinatal & Postpartum Support

$499:  This package provides 5 visits to be used within 60 days.

This package is ideal for families new to breastfeeding and who require some basic education on how to initiate and maintain breastfeeding, best feeding approach & alternatives for their infant, understanding optimal nutrition for breastfeeding, and to understand milk production and weaning tactics.

$999:  This package provides 12 visits / 3 x weekly visits for 1 month to be used within 60 days.

This package is ideal for moms & families who have had a caesarean or birth surgery and need extra days to recuperate or for experienced parents that may need a little extra support; including breastfeeding basics, nutritional support, home organization and infant care.

$1499:  This package provides 16 visits / 4 x weekly visits for 1 month to be used within 60 days.

This package is ideal for new families with little or no support, mums requiring frequent consistent support or for families with other young children and families with multiples; including physical & emotional support, nutritional support, home organization and family care.

Breastfeeding Counselling & Education Group Package:


  • Breastfeeding Education – Basics & Skills
  • Breastfeeding Initiation & Early Support
  • Nutrition for Breastfeeding Success & meal preparation
  • Infant Feeding alternatives
  • Typically 4hrs would be sufficient
  • 4 person minimum
  • All attendees will receive 4 hrs of postpartum breastfeeding support in home

Online Consulting Services:  ( available January 2013 )

$150:  This would typically be a 5hr / 4 x 45 min calls package to be used within 60 days.

  • Introduction to Breastfeeding basics
  • Creating your Birth Wish List
  • Sharing your Birth Experience
  • Connecting to Community Resources package
  • Lending Library, Video, Personal activities
  • Nutritional support
  • Online booking system
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