Best of Kelowna!

I have great news: we have been nominated as Favorite Health Practitioner in Best of Kelowna! We are so grateful to our clients who put our name forward! We would love for everyone to vote; so here’s the deal. If you are on any kind of social media, simply write “I voted” and tag/hashtag/link to (you get the idea) Happy Holistic. I will put your name into a draw for an awesome prize basket which includes gift certificates for the sessions of your choice. This isn’t me buying your votes; just acknowledging you taking time out of your schedule to do this (I won’t even ask who you voted for!). And since we’re taking about Best of Kelowna, we would like to congratulate our clients and friends who have found themselves nominated as well:
Mamas for Mamas: best Facebook page, best Charity
Shannon Christianson: the brilliance behind Mamas for Mamas nominated as a female deserving recognition
Strong Roots: best Flooring Company
Edgecombe Builders: best Home Builder
Summerhill Winery: so many categories I couldn’t keep track!
All of these people deserve your votes and if I missed anyone, I apologize profusely.  You can vote by clicking here.  Thanks so much for all of your support – we truly believe that we have the best clients in the world!
Be amazing!
Alexis Costello

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