Happily Holistic is Moving!

HH is Moving!

5 Element Eating

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Shauna Lockhart, the new owner of Happily Holistic! Shauna has been a friend of the family and client in our office for a long time and is a good fit for what HH stands for and the community that we have been building for the past five years. The office will be moving to a new location in Rutland right off of Hwy 33 as soon as renovations are completed in December. No driving up the hill in the snow this year! This new location has some historical significance for my family. This is the office where my grandmother Rose first went to work for a chiropractor who had studied kinesiology and muscle testing. He taught her how to muscle test so she could assist him with clients and recommending supplements. She later taught her daughters and now the business her granddaughter founded is moving back into the space! History truly does repeat itself. I will be moving along with the business; seeing clients until the beginning of February and helping Shauna get set up in her new space. My friend and student Natalie Chambers will be starting with HH in December as well (I promise we’ll get a proper bio up on the website for her soon, and you will definitely be impressed!). Between Holly, Natalie and Annie, we will find the best person for my clients to continue working with once I have gone. We are definitely planning a Goodbye/Grand Opening party in the new location in the new year, so stay tuned for details on that!
For now, continue coming up to my place on Falconridge for your appointments. I am away until the 19th teaching Touch for Health Instructors in Vancouver, but am reachable by email.
Until next month, Be amazing!
Alexis Costello

5-Element eating

Remember that the goal is to keep a balance of yin and yang within the body.  When we eat seasonally, this happens automatically and balance is maintained within the body.  Think about the natural cravings of the body.  In spring and summer, the weather outside is getting warmer and dryer, which is a yang environment.  We also tend to be very active outside expending more energy, functioning at high metabolism and sweating.  Cooling yin foods are growing outside in response to this: leafy greens like lettuce and spinach, tangy green onions and chives, fruits such as peaches, apricots and plums.  Many of us naturally gravitate to raw fresh foods at this time of year in an effort to bring balance to our bodies.
As the days get cooler and we move into fall and winter, it becomes much more damp and dark as we move into a yin environment.  We spend less time outside.  Warming yang foods are growing outside: root veggies like potatoes, carrots, onions, yams and sweet potatoes, winter squash and pumpkins and grain is harvested for grinding into flour and baking.  At this time of year, soups, stews and baking become much more appealing as they are the ingredients our bodies need to achieve balance.
We are still connected to this beautiful earth – maybe more so than many people recognize if they are living in the fast-paced city scene.  What is happening in the outside environment affects what is happening in our internal environment.  There is no strong line between the two.  It really wasn’t all that long ago – only 3 or 4 generations when you stop and think about it – when what was growing in the garden outside was the only food available.  If you lived in Alberta and you wanted an orange in January, the answer was simply no – they don’t exist.  Our enzymes still work this way, changing in response to the environment.  Eating seasonally allows us to maintain balance between our bodies and our planet.
Raw food diets are trendy at the moment and work very well as a cleanse for people who have been eating too much processed food and need to detoxify.  Eating this way can be great for getting a sluggish digestive system, particularly the liver, back on line.  Eating raw foods exclusively year round however does not promote symmetry between yin and yang.
In parts of the world where there is not a great distinction between the seasons, this becomes less important.  And of course, as always, balance and consciousness are key, so if you are really craving bananas in February, by all means have one, but be aware of what you are doing.  When you can, think about what foods would have been available to your great-great grandmother in this area.  Would she have had a barrel of apples in the cold cellar?  Or would there have been strawberries in the garden?  Make the choice that will bring your body more in harmony with your world and the result will be improved digestion and energy.

“My personal nutritional approach is simple.  If it grows, eat it.  If it doesn’t grow, don’t eat it.”
~Louise L. Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life”

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