Warning: website sawdust ahead!

For the past six weeks, I have been working on migrating the website over to a content management system, adding a blog, search engine optimizing web content, implementing web standards, re-organizing pages into a proper taxonomy, implementing a database, making the website more social and….

A content management what?  Sorry, I see the eyes are glazing over.  Jake, you are no longer working (primarily) as a technodorkmegageek!

In other words, because the website will be easier to manage, you will find fresher content with a more consistent look and hopefully, you will find what you are looking for easier.

Late last night, in the wee hours of the morning, I flipped the switch over to the new Happily Holistic Health and Wellness website.  This morning, as the dust is still settling and I try to coax my body awake with a large coffee, I am trying to ensure everything is working as intended.  We will continue to add new content and tweak the information within its pages as the dust continues to settle.

In the meantime, although cosmetically the site should still look relatively similar to what you are used to, you will notice a few new features, more consistency in the content and hopefully information organized in a more logical manner.  You will also find within our page:

  • a working contact us form
  • class register (but not pay) online for courses and workshops
  • links to upcoming courses at the bottom of each of the classroom pages
  • Touch for Health Classes, Kelowna
  • practitioner profiles complete with their list of services
  • services with more information and practitioners lists
  • and me officially listed as a practitioner!

If you come across any glitches, have any feedback or are looking for more features to be added to the website, feel free to comment below, phone or email the office!

Enjoy the new website!

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